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05 Jul 2024


Tiffany Studios Bulldog Head paperweight.

Tiffany Studios Lioness paperweight in dull gold finish, 5" long.
EX condition.

Beware of various recasts of this lion. Note a REAL signature above,
one of many fake signatures below. The castings are of poor quality too.

Desk Set replacement parts
My new book   Tiffany Desk Sets
CLICK HERE for Ordering Information
DeskSetBookSM.jpg (33400 bytes)
CLICK HERE for Ordering Information

  Tiffany Desk Pieces
  Produced by Tiffany Studios from 1898 through the 1920's, 
inkwells, letter racks, bookends, etc.,
came in 24 different patterns and various patinations.
Some pieces and patterns were produced for only a short time 
making them quite rare today.

Desk Set Patterns are now listed on separate pages
Click on the pattern name or the picture:

pndcalframe1SM.jpg (18531 bytes)
^Pine Needle Desk Pieces^

GVDgloveboxSM.jpg (46413 bytes)
^Grapevine Desk Pieces^

ABAlargeframe1774SM.jpg (37844 bytes)
^Abalone Desk Pieces^

9centpenwipeSM.jpg (42695 bytes)
^9th Century Desk Pieces^

ArtDecosticksSM.jpg (56518 bytes)
^Art Deco Desk Pieces^

VENcalframe8SM.jpg (63745 bytes)
^Venetian Desk Pieces^

BYZthermometerSM.jpg (54449 bytes)
^Byzantine Desk Pieces^

DZ2cavrackSM.jpg (34030 bytes)
^Zodiac Desk Pieces^

Adam Desk Pieces
Am Indian Desk Pieces
Bookmark Desk Pieces
Graduate Desk Pieces
Heraldic Desk Pieces 
Modeled Desk Pieces
Nautical Desk Pieces

Regarding the CONDITION of the desk pieces:
All desk pieces are 85-120 years old. Collectors vary widely as to what signs of age they are willing to accept. 
Most pieces will show some signs of use--maybe an ink stain or some minor wear to the patina. 
Currently there is no standardized grading system used by dealers, and ebay sellers confuse the issue further 
by describing almost every item as "breathtaking", "stunning" & "fabulous". 
I rarely offer pieces that I would not proudly show in my own collection. 
And, unlike many sellers, if you are unhappy for any reason, you may return the item for a full refund. 

lioness real 2
lioness real
A quiz. Pick out the real signature below:
Pick out the Tiffany quality casting below:
lioness real 1lionessBADcasting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


kochbook.jpg (21474 bytes)Collectors Item: OUT-OF-PRINT. The affordable reference book on
Tiffany desk pieces and other decorative articles. Shows original Tiffany catalog pictures
of many desk sets and individual items. The appendix includes Tiffany's numbering system,
so you can identify the odd-ball piece. 208 pages, hardbound. Not as complete as
Tiffany At Auction, which has sold for as much as $1,000. Mint condition with dust jacket.
The cost of this book: only $25 postpaid. (4 copies remaining)
tiffanywindowsbook.jpg (74404 bytes)The only book on Tiffany Windows. OUT-OF-PRINT.
It contains pictures of over 200 windows, more than half in full-color. 224 Pages,
hardbound. $50 VG+ condition with dust jacket.

As the author of TWO books on Louis Icart, ONE on Maxfield Parrish & ONE on Tiffany, the advisor to Schroederís Antiques Price Guide for 17 years and a contributor to various antiques magazines, I offer you my Certificate of Authenticity as an expert in these fields. Any person or mysterious gallery can offer a certificate attesting to an itemís authenticity and/or value. The key is getting a certificate from someone who is a recognized authority on your purchase. Otherwise it may be worthless.
Why should I buy from hollandarts.com?
Here is MY guarantee: "I guarantee the authenticity, age, and condition of everything that I sell. If you are unhappy
for any reason, return the item in its original condition for a full refund, minus shipping costs. CLICK HERE for time limits
and details"
Here is Ebay's guarantee: "We are just a venue." Caveat Emptor!
For other Tiffany Items, click here:18dogwoodclose.jpg (45674 bytes) 
67890SM.jpg (24256 bytes)
 Solid Bronze Art Nouveau Numbers. 4" tall. $18 each, 3 for $50, plus shipping.
12345SM.jpg (22003 bytes)

Return policy:"I guarantee the authenticity, age, and condition of everything that I sell. If you are unhappy for any reason, 
return the item in its original condition for a full refund, minus shipping costs. CLICK HERE for time limits and details"
Shipping & Insurance Rates: 
Shipping & Insurance Rates: To simplify matters, I have opted to use a flat rate shipping chart. Some may pay a little too much and some will get a bargain
Desk Pieces: $0-$25/order: Ground rate.
Unframed Icart Etchings: FREE. Ground rate.
Framed Icart Etchings: TBD.
Framed or unframed Erotica:
Repro Prints:
FREE: 1st Class Mail Unframed Parrish Art: $15/order. Framed Parrish Art: TBD
Lamps, Glass or Oversized Framed Pieces: TBD.
Book prices INCLUDE USPS "media mail" shipping. They are sent separately.   Allow about 7 work days for book delivery.
Email for rates, if you desire faster delivery.
 Click for more details.  ------------------- Other INFO: Sales tax must be paid on all orders shipped to my home state, unless an exemption form is sent to me. The tax rate is 6%. verification_seal.gif (3391 bytes) --------- CLICK below to visit my other web pages Louis Icart Etchings: Over 230 scanned pictures ~~~ Maxfield Parrish: Art Prints, Calendars & more ~~~ Tiffany Desk Sets: Inkwells, frames, etc. ~~~~ Tiffany Lamps & Glass: Genuine & Guaranteed ~~~~ Icart Erotic Etchings: over 120 scanned pictures ~~~~ Boudoir Art:  by other deco artists ~~~~ Icart Repro Prints: $15 and up RETURN to Home Page

Tiffany lamps contained the best electrical elements--sockets, cords and plugs--available at their time of manufacture. Rarely do I see or hear of a lamp shorting out except from the occasional exposed cord that has lost its insulation from misuse or poor storage.

Every lamp that I sell has been plugged in, lighted with appropriate wattage bulbs, (desk lamps: 40w, single socket floor lamps: 60w, multi-socket lamps: 25-40w per socket), switched on and off numerous times, and left lighted for at least four hours. This is the extent of my safety and functionality test. I am not an electrician. 

Remember, all Tiffany lamps are 80-100+ years old, and things wear out eventually. It is good insurance to have a qualified electrician check your lamp and for you to follow common sense procedures, like using low wattage bulbs which do not produce as much resistance (heat) in the wiring and using GFIC outlets or adapters to break the circuit if there is a short

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