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Each etching  was produced by Louis Icart in limited numbers from his copper plate. Louis Icart produced his first etching in 1911. The 1920's were Icart's most prolific period, with demand subsiding in the 30's and 40's. Louis Icart died in 1950.  All etchings were pencil-signed by Louis Icart and were produced in limited editions (from 75-500 depending on the etching). Refer to my book: Louis Icart: The Complete Etchings, for more information.
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LOUIS ICART was the most famous French artist in the Art Deco period498.jpg (10003 bytes)
LOUIS ICART ETCHINGS appear on hundreds of American movie sets478.jpg (7264 bytes)
The phrase, "Come up and see my etchings." is attributed to Louis Icart31a.jpg (4973 bytes)
Louis Icart did many etchings of Paris street scenes384.jpg (4940 bytes)
Over 50 Louis Icart etchings feature various breeds of puppies and dogs309.jpg (8328 bytes)
Louis Icart's nudes are sensual but not offensive to most art lovers394.jpg (5172 bytes)
Cats are another popular motif of Louis Icart26.jpg (6440 bytes)
A Siamese cat featured in an Icart etching202.jpg (7127 bytes)
The Letter was an Icart etching and also a mass-produced lithograph173.jpg (8680 bytes)
Icart also featured birds in many etchings162.jpg (6163 bytes)
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